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Over 40s - Aaron Gant - 
Over 50s - Joe Saliba - 
Over 60s - 
Over 70s - Michael Angwin - 

Canterbury Cricket Club is at the forefront of veterans cricket in Victoria.
If you are interested in playing veterans cricket at CCC and need more information, feel free to contact Laurie Cavill or Michael Angwin (details above).
Canterbury has had veterans' cricket teams for the past 16 seasons.   Starting with Over 40s, Canterbury has grown its contribution to veterans’ cricket to five teams, two Over 40s (playing in the Eastern Cricket Association), two Over 50s under the banner of Veterans Cricket Victoria and, since 2018/19, an Over 60s team playing VCV.  More than 70 players will be registered to play veterans cricket at Canterbury in 2019/20.
Our players are regular selections in representative teams.
At Canterbury, we value participation in veterans’ cricket.  While we want to be competitive and, like all cricketers, we aim to win, we ensure that during games and over the course of a season, all players get many opportunities to test their talents.
Our captains are committed to these values.
We play cricket in the spirit of cricket.  We encourage our team mates, walk when we think we’re out, are moderate in our appeals and congratulate our opposition on good performance.  We provide excellent afternoon tea and hospitality after the game.  Our rivals have become our friends.
Canterbury’s veterans provide the opportunity for regular cricket tours of England (T1 in 2013, T2 in 2015, T3 in 2018) where we play 10 or 12 games in three weeks on magnificent grounds against competitive opponents.
Playing veterans’ cricket at Canterbury, you can expect to make good friends and play competitive cricket in the spirit of the game.

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