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This page contains the following information:

  1. Existing stock information

  2. Items available for purchase at the club only

  3. Apparel requirements as a senior player

  4. Apparel information for Junior boys & girls players

  5. Apparel information for Veterans players

  6. Optional/Additional items available for purchase via the TNF online store.

  7. How to make an order

  8. Contact for CCC Apparel


Important Note* – Designs have been carried across from ISC therefore if you purchased apparel & Merchandise last season, it will be of identical design and size this season just slightly different materials, as well as the introduction of some new items. However please double check on the size guide available on the TNF website.


1. Existing Stock at CCC

There remains some old stock in storage at CCC. This will be cleared as early as possible in the season. The main item we want to clear are the woollen jumpers and vests. These are the same as the ones that the Australian Cricket Team have and the quality of them is outstanding. Note that a reversible pullover & jumper is available through TNF but is a much different style. These are classic and are only while stocks last. Please contact Jono Moore if you’d like to purchase one. They’re $110 each.



2. Items ONLY available for purchase at the club, - not available on the online store.


  • Baseball Caps (custom design therefore ordered in bulk) - $20 each

  • Baggy Blues - $55 each


Please make contact with Andrew or Alex (details listed below) if you’d like to purchase one of these items.


3. CCC Apparel – SENIORS

All senior players should have or need to purchase the following:

  • A white shirt for training

  • A polo or club shirt to wear to games

  • Creams (Pants & playing shirts are available through the online store). Short &

    Long Sleeve shirts are available.

  • Coloured clothing for all players who may be in the 1stXI this season with a

    name & number. You can wear last year’s gear if you have it, otherwise this

    needs to be purchased via the online store.

  • Baggy Blue for 1stXI & 2ndXI players in two day matches. Baseball cap for

    one-day matches.

  • A baggy blue or baseball cap for 3rdXI, 4thXI & 5thXI players

  • All senior players are expected to wear creams, which can be purchased

    through sports stores but our recommendation is that you purchase these through our online store with TNF.


4. CCC Apparel – JUNIORS

For a match, all junior players require the following:

1. Coloured playing shirt (provided)
2. Hat (provided to new players, returning players to use existing cap or purchase a new one from the club.


All Junior Players (new & returning) will receive the following at the first PSE:

  • Cricket Ball (to be used for training for the season)

  • Playing shirt (Coloured)

    All new players in addition to the above will receive the following:

  • Spray Jacket

  • CCC Cap


If a returning junior player would like a cap or spray jacket, caps can be purchased from the club and spray jackets can be purchased through the online store. Please speak to you team manager if your playing shirt doesn’t fit and we will endeavour to swap these over from the stock available at the club.


Juniors can also purchase whatever they like from the additional list below. Some items of interest may be:

  • CCC Slipover vest or jumper (which your surname can be put on the back)

  • CCC Wide brim hat

  • Training Shirt & Shorts

  • White playing pants (CCC branded)


5. CCC Apparel - VETERANS

All veterans can purchase apparel through the online store. It is asked that a CCC Baggy Blue or Baseball Cap is worn in matches.

6. Additional/Optional items available through the club:

  • Spray Jacket

  • Hoodie

  • Wide brim CCC branded hat

  • Training Shirt

  • Training shorts

7. CCC Apparel Contacts

Please make contact with apparel manager Jono Moore if you have any queries regarding Apparel.

If you are a junior player or parent please contact your child’s team manager. If you have a query prior to the season before teams are allocated, please contact Jono Moore.


Jono Moore

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