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Canterbury Cricket Club Apparel & Merchandise

Canterbury Cricket Club's apparel supplier is Masuri. Club Members will have access to an extensive online store and a wide range of products. We encourage all Members to buy at least a new playing shirt, with a discount to Junior subscriptions applied to better accommodate this.

Please note these important points:

1. Items are purchased in an order window that the club will notify when it's open to our players and members of. Items ordered in this window should arrive before the start of the season (COVID related supply delays possible).

2. Please read the Masuri Size guide carefully before selecting an item. Items are made to order and the Club WILL NOT be holding additional stock for swap overs.

3.  Items will be posted direct to your home address via Australia Post. Items WILL NOT be posted to the Club. To do this you will need to create a Shopify account (directions on the website). There is a flat rate (included in the order) of $15 for postage, so we suggest making the most of your order and picking up any extra items you might like (i.e: a hoodie; training shirt; shorts; etc). Please DO NOT post items to the Club.

4. All items have a minimum order quantity of 10. If we do not reach this number for an item you will be informed and offered a refund and/or option to alter your order. 

5. Coloured playing shirts have the option of adding your surname for no cost. We encourage all persons buying a colored playing shirt to add their surname. NO NICKNAMES please. Playing numbers will only be available to Senior Cricketers at this time.

6. Additional apparel ordering windows will be available through the season, and all Members will be notified when these open. Please note that if you do not order an item in this window, the next delivery date will not be until Christmas.


Where do I place my order?
Orders can be placed on our club shop during the order window - link to be provided August 2.

When can I order?
Orders windows are generally open over two week periods before and during the season. The club will communicate when these order windows are open.

Do we have male and female cuts?
Yes all of our garments are available in male, female and junior sizing/cuts. All cuts have been individually constructed by Karen Grevitt Masuri’s in-house Lead Apparel Designer.

Is personalisation on sublimated products any extra cost?
No, all costs are included in pricing.

Minimum Order Quantity’s?

CCC have worked closely with Masuri to provide a range of products that best fits our community. If we do not meet the minimum order quantity per item (10) you will be notified to change your order or be provided a refund.

Are there any additional delivery charges?

A delivery fee will be charged to ensure your products are delivered direct to your door.  

How long will orders take?

The order window has been designed so goods are ready for Round 1!  

For any inquiries, please send an email to:



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