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Club Child Safety Officer:
0417 150 438

The Canterbury Cricket Club fully endorses and supports the Cricket Victoria Child Safe Member Protection Policy. Our Club commits to upholding the 11 Child Safe Standards as listed below.

Should you have any concerns or queries, or should you witness any behaviour that contradicts the Standards or the Policy, please contact the Club Child Safety Officer.

The Canterbury Cricket Club is committed to:

1) Establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experience of Aboriginal Children and Young People are respected and valued 

2) Embed Child Safety and Wellbeing in organisational leadership, governance and culture 

3) Empower Children and Young People so that they know their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously 

4) Inform and engage families in respect to child safety and wellbeing
5) Ensure that equity & diversity is upheld through our policies and practices 

6) Engage volunteers and officials to ensure that they are suitable to work with Children and Young People 

7) Handle complaints and concerns promptly, thoroughly and with a child focused approach 

8) Educate volunteers, staff (if applicable) and officials – in consultation with Cricket Victoria and Cricket Australia - to provide them with the knowledge and skills to keep Children and Young People safe 

9) Promote the safety & wellbeing of Children and Young People through physical and online environments 

10) Review and improve our child safe policies, procedures, and practices regularly 

11) Role model behaviour and actions documented in policies, procedures and practices guiding how our organisation is safe for Children and Young People 

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