The Canterbury Cricket Club welcomes the generous budget allocation of $2.2 million the City of Boroondara has made for the redevelopment of the Canterbury Sports Ground.

The budget is drawn from the Council’s Diversity and Inclusion Program and will support the construction of changerooms and facilities for girls and women.

Together with the senior and junior Canterbury football clubs, CCC is also seeking additional funding from the Commonwealth and State governments.

The Clubs are seeking funding that will enable the construction of a purpose built, new facility and precinct that will cater for the diverse needs of the Canterbury sporting community.

The diversity of the local sporting community and the uses to which CSG is now put requires not just a functional sporting facility for a large and growing number of participants; but also a facility that meets the needs of participants for connection, inclusion and belonging; and the expectations of the larger community.

The Clubs are aiming to secure the funding that will not only enable change rooms and facilities specifically for women and girls but also enables the clubrooms to be constructed with a base at least one metre higher than the current base (to enable a better spectator and player experience) and provides social, traffic and internal spaces that are compatible with the needs of the diverse community CSG serves.

The cost of construction along the lines the Clubs support will be $3-4 million. The Clubs have asked the Council to partner with them in approaching and securing the additional funding needed.

The Clubs have had several meetings with Council and have made initial approaches to the Commonwealth and State governments.


CCC would welcome any feedback on the development proposals. We will keep Members and the local community up to date with developments as they occur.

Please direct any feedback or support to Michael Angwin angwinm@bigpond.net.au and secretary Sam Warner canterburycc.secretary@gmail.com