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Dear Members


After a lengthy period of consultation with the City of Boroondara, CCC and the two footy clubs that tenant Canterbury Sports Ground have endorsed the Council’s latest proposed design for the Ground’s redevelopment as a basis for community consultation.  The latest design is attached.


The redevelopment will see the addition of two new change rooms for girls and women; the upgrade, enhancement and expansion of other existing facilities; the raising of the base of the social rooms by half a metre; the construction of a viewing area connected to and outside the social rooms; the extension of that viewing area to the playing arena boundary; and the construction of a canopy for the viewing area.  The outside area to the west of the club rooms will be upgraded.


The redevelopment meets most of the needs the Clubs identified - facilities for girls and women, who constitute the fastest growing cohort of players at our Clubs; upgrade and enhancement of existing facilities; and, importantly, the creation of a raised viewing area with connection to both the social facilities and the playing arena.  We believe the redevelopment will make CSG a more welcoming and inclusive facility and one much better able to support sporting and community activities in the unique heritage setting we occupy.


The cost of the redevelopment will be around $3.85 million, including $1.25 million from the State Government, which the Club worked hard to secure.  The remainder is Council funding.  CCC continues to seek additional funding to enhance the re-development.  We have applied, with Council support, for a grant of $30,000 from Cricket Australia.  I will let you know whether we are successful.


The next step will be the community consultation, which will take 8 to 12 weeks.  Council says the tender will be let in August and that construction will commence in early 2024.


We will continue to partner with the Council to adjust the design, if necessary, as an outcome of community consultation and of the tender process and during construction.  I would welcome any views you have.


The Club will be planning our playing and other activities around the construction and I will let you know in due course how we propose to manage the construction period.


Finally, I would like to thank the Council for the work it has done to reach this point.  I would also like to thank our local State MPs for their support and advocacy on our behalf.


Please contact me if you would like further information.




Peter Jago



CCC would welcome any feedback on the development proposals. We will keep Members and the local community up to date with developments as they occur.

Please direct any feedback or support to Michael Angwin and secretary Sam Warner

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