Canterbury Cricket Club Policy:


COVID-19 - Safe Plan - Sports Clubs

Club name: Canterbury Cricket Club 

Version number: 1

Date submitted: 21/10/21

Please use the below template to detail processes in place to address each of the restrictions/guidelines as listed.

Prior to completing this plan, please ensure you have read and understood the following information:

Useful general information can also be found here:

  • AIS framework for returning to sport: link

  • DHHS FAQs: link

Section A


Restriction in place/guideline

Club information about how the committee will ensure this requirement is met

Adequately covered in plan (Y/N) 

(City of Boroondara

Officer to complete)

All sports

Requirement to ensure adequate spacing (1.5m) and maximum groups of people as per current



  • Nominating a Club COVID Officer (Campbell Gowers) who will report directly to the Canterbury Cricket Club Committee in accordance with Committee Meetings, and act as the primary contact for all Team COVID Safety Officers requiring advice with social distancing regulations.




Contact details (name and number) of participants must be

 Campbell Gowers 

 0488 011 692





captured, including date and time.


Records must be controlled (not disclosed) and destroyed after 28 days as per Restricted

Activity Directions 

  • The Canterbury Cricket has adopted the use of a VicGov certified QR Code  Digital Check-in service at all home grounds for any/every patron, participant and the general public in order for their attendance to be recorded via digital means which can be seen and read by the relevant health department authority.
    The Canterbury Cricket Club will also facilitate the use of a non QR code check-in by having a manual printout sheet available for any individual  to sign who is unable to successfully use the QR system.

  • Should any printout be used to record a indviduals details for health purposes – the Canterbury Cricket Club will keep record of the information for a period of 28 days – after which the documentation will be destroyed


Outdoor non-contact sport can resume, limited to the minimum number of people required for the activity (e.g. players, necessary coaches and umpires)

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will implement and enforce the limitations of non-contact outdoor sport in relation to density limits and personal involved. All participants will be made aware of this density limitation prior to the start of any training session to ensure that there is no breach of this directive.


Pending restrictions at the time, use of indoor facilities may be restricted to change

rooms, showers and toilets only (sports pavilions only)

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will adhere to any limitations in relation to the use of facilities and will have signage clearly visible for all patrons to see in order for these rules to be understood and followed.

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will only make use of the facilities if the CHO’s directives grant permission to do so.



Signage regarding maximum number of users, physical distancing must be installed along with hygiene signage.


Please list the signage

you intend to install



  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will implement clearly visible signage which promotes hygiene, density limits and physical distancing measures. The signage we will include will be;

  • Proper Hand Hygiene illustration

  • 1.5 meter Physical Distancing signage

  • Density limitation number signage for all accessible facilities within the Canterbury Cricket Club.

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will also adopt a QR Code Check in System at all of our home grounds for contact tracing & recording purposes to ensure that, should one of our participants/patrons test positive for coronavirus, that all close contacts can be easily in the earliest time possible.




Additional cleaning measures - frequently touched surfaces cleaned twice daily with use of anti-viral disinfectants. This is to be reordered.  

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will provide the necessary cleaning material needed in order for any surface to be properly cleaned and sanitized, including, but not limited to;

  • Alcohol based wipes,
    -           Anti bacterial wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disinfectant


Procedures in place to maximize likelihood of people to ‘get in, train and get out’

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will facilitate the ‘get in, train, get out’ guideline by having clear signage which promotes this procedure to ensure that patrons are not breaching social distancing limits and are limiting social interaction where possible outside of the structured training time.



Hand sanitizers on

exit and entry to


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will provide hand sanitizer that is readily available for any/every patron at the entry/exit point to ensure that every individual is properly adhering to the CHO’s guidelines and is doing everything necessary to protect themselves and others from contracting/spreading Covid-19.


Process in place to ensure people recovering from COVID-19/those who have been ill no longer pose a risk prior to them entering the facility

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will ensure that no patron who has been ill/ is recovering from Covid-19 poses a risk to other members of the club by requesting them to either;
    a) show proof of a negative Covid-19 test within the last 72 hours

  • show their proof of vaccination certificate

  • wear a face mask if possible

d) ensuring that the individual/s uses the Vic Gov QR code check-in when entering the premises


Consideration given for managing participants who may be at higher risk from COVID-19

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will ensure that those whom are deemed a ‘higher risk’ of contracting Covid adhere to the guidelines set out by CHO, including;

  •  social distancing

  • frequently hand sanitizaion

  • wearing a face mask



Masks must be worn by all patrons (unless conducting strenuous exercise or other exemptions apply).

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will adhere to the Mask wearing rules that are stipulated in the CHO’s directions for outdoor & indoor settings and will continue to adhere to those rules until other measures are advised.


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will promote wearing face masks via clear signage to ensure that all patrons and members are safe and re attempting to protect themselves from contracting Coronavirus.







Please list any additional control measures the club is putting in place:          

Section B

Opening Canteen:

If you have a canteen or bar and intend to reopen it, please fill out the below.



Restriction in place/guideline

Notes / Links to templates and club information about how the committee will ensure this requirement is met

Adequately covered in plan (Y/N) 

(City of Boroondara

Officer to complete)


Has the club registered their canteen with Council’s health services?

Registration form - https://forms.boroondara.vic.gov.au/food-premisesestablishment-application/  

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club HAS registered its canteen in accordance with the council of Boroondara’s health services.



Canteen reopening - Full Service



Has the club read and considered the advice regarding Coronavirus and food safety?



https://www.business.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/word_doc/0020/1903304/Befo re-you-are-open-Checklist-for-owners-managers.docx


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club has thoroughly read and understood the checklist criteria in the above document ^ and will strictly adhere to and implement the criteria that is stipulated in the document.

  • All relevant members of the Canterbury Cricket Club have read and fully understand the advice provided by the Victorian Government in relation to Coronavirus and food safety.


Canteen reopening - Takeaway


Display signage for staff and patrons and install in appropriate, high visibility locations. 

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will display numerous signage that will clearly stipulate the maximum number of patrons permitted into the serving are/kitchen at any one time.  


Display a poster at the venue confirming that staff have reviewed the guidelines, including evidence that at least one staff member at your venue has completed the Victorian Government online coronavirus (COVID-

19) training.   


  • The Canterbury Club will facilitate and implement signage across its canteen/Kitchen area to stipulate that only permitted members of the club are allowed into the area =, whilst at the same time adhering to the density limits stipulated in the CHO’s restrictions/Guidelines.





Promote physical distancing by placing floor or wall markings or signs to identify 1.5 metres distance between persons for queues and waiting areas and using physical barriers where possible.  


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will implement signage regarding social distancing for patrons that can be clearly visible from both internally within its facilities and externally outside of its facilities.


Place physical barriers or use floor signage to maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing between cashiers and patrons.  Consider installation of sneeze guards. 


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will implement signage within the serving area to remind the cashiers and patrons that physical distancing must be observed and maintained at all times.


Display menus for takeaway services outside your venue and introduce online ordering wherever possible.

  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will implement signage promoting its takeaway service items that can be purchased from the serving area.


Set up a record keeping folder for Staff Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Questionnaires which are encouraged to be completed before starting any shift.


  • The Canterbury Cricket Club will have a manual logbook available at all times for members and patrons to record their attendance/ have a completed questionnaire sheet filled out which will be undertaken prior to any activities commencing.


Remove, or prevent access to, any self-service buffetstyle food service areas and communal condiment and drink stations.

Adhere to the latest food services restrictions and density limits as outlined at




https://www.coronavirus.vic.g ov.au/coronavirus-sectorguidance-accommodationand-food-services  



Tables must be cleaned after each customer

  • Hand Sanitizer & alcohol based disinfectant will be readily accessible to enable tables to be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down in order for the prevention of covid-19 potentially being spread amongst the community


A record of customer details, including the date and time the person attended the facility. Records should be kept for 28 days