Player Sponsors
Date of Event : Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:01PM

Congratulations to the following players who have secured their sponsors for the season!

Aedan McCormick: Canterbury Cricket Club
Alex Townsend: Cambury Chiropractic
Angus Hume: Red Brick Cafe
Andrew Heffernan: David Meagher
Andy Mills: Greater Group
Angus Streat: Union Rd Specialist Centre Physiotherapy
Campbell Gowers: Cambury Chiropractic
Chrishna Graham: Doug & Allison Retchford
Harry Crothers: Tom Hickie
Lachie Streat: Bob Trengrove
Mark Thomas: Peanut Gallery
Michael Forwood: Paul O'Grady
Michael Liu: Paul O'Grady
Pat McCormick: Canterbury Football Club
Paul Townsend: Natures Best Landscapes
Ryan O'Grady: James White
Tim Alexander: Paul O'Grady
Toby Crook: The Heffernan Group
Will Jago: Substancia
Will Steventon: Paul O'Grady


If you would like to sponsor a player of the club, Junior, Senior or Veteran please contact Liv Heffernan (

Last updated: Sunday October 22, 2017 1:03PM
Author: Olivia Heffernan