During the 2015/2016 season the Canterbury Junior Cricket Club fielded its first ever girls team in the Anna Lanning Shield and a girls team in the T20 Blast competition. This increased to two teams in 2016/17 with 25 girls actively training with CCC.

Key objectives of our strategy for the development of our girls players are shown below.  This strategy will continue to be updated and developed as our focus and the interest in girls’ cricket grows.

Attraction / Retention

To highlight the opportunities open to girls playing cricket it is important that both the girls and their parents of interested girls be informed of our focus. 


Establish a relationship in the next tier of women’s cricket to create a pathway to the next level of cricket providing a vision for those wanting to further their cricket beyond the junior levels.


Understand and accept that the coaching needs of girls and their interest in cricket may be quite different from that of boys and then educate our coaches and parents of these needs.

Develop junior training sessions templates that cater for girls’ learning needs in relation to participating in sport.

Support fathers/mothers of girls to be educated on all aspects of the game and/or to become coaches.

Ensure there is a clear pathway for player development. i.e. Milo, T20 Blast, Anna Lanning Shield.


Ensure all communication is non-gender specific or all-inclusive when communicating with parents and players.

Continue to promote an interest in girls cricket around the club by ongoing celebration of girls’ teams’ achievements.

Consider purchase of equipment/uniforms specifically designed for girls e.g. lighter bats, safety equipment etc.