• Finals are usually held in early March, and the semi-finals often coincide with the Labour Day long weekend. In registering to play for the club, it is expected that all players will be available for all finals, in the absence of exceptional circumstances.
  • Players who are unavailable for the semi-final other than through injury or other unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances will generally be ranked, for grand final selection, behind those who played in the semi-final, if there are more than the requisite players available.
  • All other things being equal, selection for finals will be based on a combination of training attendance and performance, on-field performance including effort and attitude, team balance, and adherence to the principles set out at the start of this policy and Cricket Australia's "Spirit of the Game" principles.
  • Within the above parameters, the aim is to field the strongest and best balanced side possible but taking into consideration the guiding principal of equal participation.

Note: Finals are held in all U16, U14 U12A and Anna Lanning Shield and may be played on a Sunday irrespective of when the games have been played during the season.