Club Roles

Each year a number of club roles need to be filled.  The role these volunteers take on is crucial to the success of the club.  All club roles include:

  • Junior Coordinator
  • Registrar
  • Age Coordinators
    • Under 16
    • Under 14
    • Under 12
    • Under 10
  • Girls Cricket Coordinator
  • MILO Cricket Coordinator
  • T20 Blast Coordinator
  • Apparel
  • Head of Coaching
  • Coaches Liaison
  • Equipment and kits
  • Pleasant Sunday Evening  (PSE)
  • Trophies
  • Photos
  • Communication / Website

    Team Roles

  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager / Team Communication

    Coaches, Team Managers and other team officials contribute a considerable amount of time throughout the season on a voluntary basis. The Club greatly values the commitment that these volunteers make towards ensuring that our Club and our teams are well organised and well resourced. The Club makes every effort to support the continued participation of parents or friends of the Club in these important roles.

    Reflecting our Club philosophy, we expect our Coaches, Team Managers and other team officials to:

  • adhere to and promote the Club’s philosophies;
  • promote and respect the rights, dignity and value of every player;
  • provide a safe and friendly environment at training and during games;
  • ·operate within the rules and Spirit of the Game;
  • provide quality instruction and coaching;
  • be a positive role model to the players; and
  • ensure that any issues and concerns of players and/or parents are managed in an appropriate and timely manner.


    Parents are integral to the success of our Club and we greatly value the participation of parents as volunteers, and we value the role parents play in supporting and encouraging our players. Parents also play an important role in modelling positive behaviour for our players and visiting teams.

    We expect all Parents to:

    • adhere to and promote the Club’s philosophies;
    • support and respect the decisions of the coach, team manager and Club officials at all times;
    • be a positive role model to the players by behaving appropriately while spectating;
    • provide support and positive encouragement to their own child and his/her team mates;
    • refrain from negative, aggressive or derogatory comments or behaviour;
    • assist the team officials whenever possible;
    • partake in duties as requested by the Team Manager;
    • arrange to swap duties with another parent if unable to assist when asked;
    • inform the coach in a timely manner regarding their child’s unavailability for a game(s); and
    • communicate any concerns or issues directly to the Team Manager in person or via email.  This should be done so that concerns are not communicated via group or public emails.

      Parents are expected to share match-day responsibilities that are usually organised on a rotating roster.  The match day roles include:

    • Scorer
    • Ground set-up
    • Dinner/Morning Tea

      Once a season parents in each nominated age group will be asked to assist in the running of the Pleasant Sunday Evenings.  This may require volunteering to be rostered on: set-up, BBQ, lollies or clean-up.


      The club is committed to ensuring that all players can participate in an environment that is safe and supportive, while encouraging their personal and physical development.

      Reflecting our Club philosophy we expect all players to:

    • adhere to and promote the Club’s philosophies;
    • respect, support and encourage all other team members;
    • respect the coach, team officials, umpires, members of the opposition team and the team’s equipment;
    • commit to developing and improving ones cricket skills;
    • commit to attend training sessions as often as possible;
    • ensure training is fun by giving their best and encouraging team mates at all times;
    • immediately advise the coach if an injury or problem has arisen which will affect his/her training or participation on game day; and
    • communicate any concerns or issues to the Team Manager, Coach and/or parents.