The role of the Canterbury Junior Cricket Club is to create an enjoyable and collaborative spirit where the emphasis is on sportsmanship, equal participation, skill development and celebrating the success of individuals, team and club.



The Club is a strong supporter of Cricket Australia's 'Spirit of the Game' principles and the ECA Codes of Behaviour. Emphasis is placed on safety and showing respect towards teammates, club officials, umpires and opponents.



1.  Learning sportsmanship is the guiding principle for all junior cricket teams. The Spirit of the Game should be embraced by players and coaches.  Sportsmanship should always prevail over winning.

2. Encouraging participation is key.  This is fundamental to all our teams from Milo cricketers up to Under 16 level.  It is everyone’s responsibility to encourage all players, to ensure the team operates as a team of equals and that we are inclusive.

3. Skill Development.  All players should be given the opportunity to receive quality advice and compete at an appropriate level to enhance their skill development.

4. Celebrate Success.  Success comes in all different forms in cricket - from a half-century to a first catch. There is no better way to build a team and club than to celebrate the achievements of all players (including the opposition). 


Key contacts 2016/2017

The key contacts for this season are:

JUNIOR COORDINATOR:              David Meagher        0417 536 585

HEAD OF COACHIN:                     Adam Mayhood       0416 285 182

REGISTRAR:                                  Narelle Sulley          0409 425 878

MILO CRICKET:                              Matt Jordan             0404 057 185

ANNA LANNING SHIELD:              Suzette Hosken      0435 358 162

New Players Welcome

We welcome any new players wishing to join our club.  The Registrar or Junior Coordinator are both happy to talk to parents of boys or girls wishing to start their cricketing career at our club.



Milo In2Cricket

Registrations open for Milo cricketers from 1 August 2016.  Our Milo program has been tremendously successful over the past few years and we would really like to continue that success. Matt Jordan is the Milo Coordinator and he is planning a fantastic program for our young Milo Cricketers this summer. He needs support though. So again if anyone wishes to volunteer for a role in the Milo program, or to manage the canteen and cook a few sausages on the BBQ each Saturday morning, please let Matt know.

At Canterbury Cricket Club we recommend that you register for "Have-a-Go" programs if you child is pre-prep or is in prep.

Please register for "Have-a-Game" program if your child is in Grade 1 or is in Grade 2 but is new to cricket.  Once they have a year of “Have a Game” we feel they are ready for T20 Blast.

Milo In2Cricket and Have a Go and Have a Game are played on Saturday mornings at Canterbury Sportsground.

Milo T20 Blast

We also have the option of T20 Blast for those young players who may not feel confident or up to playing hard ball cricket at U10 level. This is an initiative of Cricket Australia brought in last season.

To assist you in deciding which of the T20 Blast programs is best suited to your child, check out the material published on the Cricket Australia website via the link below.

We recommend that if you are in at least Grade 2 or above and have learnt the game of cricket via attending  Have a Game then T20Blast might be right for you.


Registrations are open for all players in U16, U14, U12 and U10 teams from 1 August 2016. Just go to and click on “Junior Cricket” and then on “Online Registrations”.

Registrations are open until 31 August 2016. However, we do ask that you register as early as possible. It is really important so that we can sort out the teams for each age group, coaches, team managers, grounds for matches, training times and grounds for training. As you can imagine, the logistics of setting in train the arrangements to give your child the comfort and environment necessary to have a great start to the season are not straight forward. So please assist by registering early.

If you are unsure about the right age group, the “cut off” date is 1 September 2016. If your child turns 10, 12 or 14 on 31 August 2016 or before, they will go up to the next age group (for example, if your child turns 12 on 31 August 2016, they will play U14 cricket this season).

Our Registrar is Narelle Sulley.  Narelle is the first port of call in relation to all registration queries. Narelle can be contacted at or on 0409 425 878 (after hours only).

We provide each player with a playing shirt and a match day cricket ball to be used at training.  All new players in the underage teams joining the club, or those coming up from MILO cricket, also receive a CCC cap and spray jacket.  All T20 Blast players also receive a CCC cap.

the ability to hit a moving ball. 

Anna Lanning Shield

The Canterbury Junior Cricket Club is committed to having more girls involved in cricket and with the club.  With that in mind we are looking to have 2 girls team to play in the Anna Lanning Shield in the 2016/2017 season.  We had one team play in 2015/2016.

The Anna Lanning Shield is played on Wednesday afternoons at four venues including Hislop Ovals in North Balwyn, Elgar Park in Mont Albert North and Chelsworth Park in Ivanhoe.  It is played with a hard cricket ball. 8 players per side. Each player gets to bat for 4 overs and bowl for 2 overs. If you go out, you continue to bat with 5 runs being added to the other teams score.

The season runs for 10 matches with a registration fee of $60. The club has decided to subsidise this fee again in 2016/2017 from the recommended $100 to maximise participation.

Season dates: Oct 12-Dec 7 then Feb 1- Feb 22

If you are an interested player or have a daughter or a sister who is 10-15 years old then please contact Suzette Hosken on 0435 358 162 or David Meagher on 0417 536 585 with an expression of interest as we try to build on our involvement in girls cricket.


Parents Support

Parents are integral to the success of our Club and we greatly value the participation of parents as volunteers, and we value the role parents play in supporting and encouraging our players. Parents also play an important role in modelling positive behaviour for our players and visiting teams.

We expect all Parents to:

  • adhere to and promote the Club’s philosophies;
  • support and respect the decisions of the coach, team manager and Club officials at all times;
  • be a positive role model to the players by behaving appropriately while spectating;
  • provide support and positive encouragement to their own child and his/her team mates;
  • refrain from negative, aggressive or derogatory comments or behaviour;
  • assist the team officials whenever possible;
  • partake in duties as requested by the Team Manager;
  • arrange to swap duties with another parent if unable to assist when asked;
  • inform the coach in a timely manner regarding their child’s unavailability for a game(s); and
  • communicate any concerns or issues directly to the Team Manager in person or via email.  This should be done so that concerns are not communicated via group or public emails.

    Parents are expected to share match-day responsibilities that are usually organised on a rotating roster.  The match day roles include:

  • Scorer
  • Ground set-up
  • Dinner/Morning Tea

Once a season parents in each nominated age group will be asked to assist in the running of the Pleasant Sunday Evenings.  This may require volunteering to be rostered on: set-up, BBQ, lollies or clean-up.

If you are interested in coaching or managing a team please contact the Head of Coaching or the Junior Coordinator.



We are very keen to ensure that every junior team is coached by someone with a registered coaching qualification, to ensure that all our junior players get the best quality coaching and have the most fun.  For those interested in coaching, the Club expects you to complete a Community Coaching Program arranged by Cricket Victoria or the ECA.  It is also a requirement to obtain a Working with Children Check.


Junior teams

Based on last years numbers we are looking at fielding the following teams in 2016/2017.  The training nights in brackets are only “possibles” as this will be dependent on ground allocations and coach availability:

  • U16:  2/3 teams (Fri night games, Wednesday training)
  • U14: 4 teams (Fri night games, Monday training)
  • U12: 6 teams (Sat morning games, various training nights)
  • U10: 3/4 teams (*Saturday morning or Sunday morning or Wednesday afternoon games, Thursday or Monday training)
  • T20 Blast – 4 teams (Friday afternoon games)
  • Anna Lanning Shield –  2 girls team (Wednesday afternoon games)


*:Due to ground restrictions the ECA are still yet to determine the days in which the Under 10 competitions will be held.


Canterbury CC approach to team allocation


It is the aim of the Club to have at least three teams at Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 with one team at each age level being graded as an A grade team. Appropriate grading procedures will be determined in order for this team to be selected. 

If after grading it is deemed by the Juniors Sub-Committee that by grading this team at an A level would be detrimental to the participation and development of the team then the Juniors Sub-Committee can make a recommendation to the Club President to have this team play as a “B” team.

Team Selection

In general terms, our aim is to provide all of our junior players with the opportunity to play cricket:

  • at the highest level at which they are capable;
  • at a level which gives them every opportunity to develop their skills and abilities;
  • in an environment which is safe and above all fun.


Under 10s

  • The U10 teams will be selected with respect given to friendship groups endeavouring, if possible, to have a varying mix of talent in each team.

    Under 12s

  • The U12A team will comprise the best available talent in this age group with consideration given to ensuring the correct balance of bowlers, batsmen and keepers within the age group is achieved within the team.
  • The U12B and U12C teams will comprise of a varying mix of talent in each team with best endeavours being made to accommodate friendship groups.  Lower age or newer players to the club/game are likely to be selected to play in a C team.

    Under 14s and Under 16s

  • The U14A and 16A teams will comprise the best available talent in this age group save for ensuring the correct balance is achieved within the team.
  • The remaining teams will be selected in accordance to ability, starting with the most talented remaining players filling positions in remaining teams.   The selection panel will then recommend appropriate grades for each team ensuring they can perform creditably within the assigned grade.

    Anna Lanning Shield

  • The teams competing in the Anna Lanning Shield will comprise of a varying mix of talent in each team with best endeavours being made to accommodate friendship groups.  As the structure of the Anna Lanning Shield develops this approach will be reviewed.



Under 10

There is no grading process in the Under 10s .

Under 12

Under 12 players will be asked to nominate themselves if they wish to be considered for the A team. A Selection Panel will select the players, after an appropriate selection process, who will form an A team.  The Age Coordinator will then be responsible for allocating those not selected for the A team to the remaining teams with a varying mix of talent in each team with best endeavours being made to accommodate friendship groups.

Under 14 & Under 16 & Anna Lanning Shield

Under 14 players will be asked to nominate themselves if they wish to be considered for the 14A team.

All players in Under 14, Under 16 and Anna Lanning Shield will need to be graded to ensure maximum development opportunities are provided to our players.

Appropriate selection processes will be determined for each age group by a Selection Panel made up of those who have volunteered to be coaches for that Age Group, the Age Coordinator/Girls Cricket Coordinator and the Head of Coaching.  It is also recommended that involvement by an independent person, such as a Senior Player or independent coach be included on the Selection Panel.

An appropriate selection process would include a minimum of two training sessions focussing on skills assessment prior to the start of the season.  Other factors that are to be considered when undertaking grading of players include: previous season form, leadership, sportsmanship, potential to improve over the season and overall team balance.

It is the role of the Selection Panel to not only select the A team but all teams irrespective of the team they are likely to coach during the season. 


On the social front

Mark the first Pleasant Sunday Evening (PSE) for the season in your diaries for Sunday 9 October 2016 at 5.30pm.