Milo in2Cricket

Have-a-Go & Have-a-Game

Season 2017/2018

The milo in2CRICKET Program is cricket Australia's official entry-level program, designed to introduce 4-8 year old children to the game of cricket in a fun and safe environment.

The program contains two tiers, Have a Go and Have a Game, which provides a progression for children who are involved in the program for 2-3 years.

Milo in2CRICKET Have a Go teaches participants basic cricket skills with development activities built into modified games.

At Canterbury Cricket Club we recommend Have a Go for pre-prep and prep students because we know our kids like to play cricket with their friends from school.

Using more advanced equipment and building on the skills learnt in Have a Go, MILO in2CRICKET Have a Game allows children to play intra-club modified games whilst developing their understanding of the 'game' cricket.

At Canterbury Cricket Club we recommend Have a Game for Year 1 studentsWe also recommended that Year 2 students new to the game of cricket should also enroll in Have a Game before stepping up to T20 Blast the following year.

The Milo in2Cricket program provides children with a safe and enjoyable learning environment to build their confidence and develop new skills and play games. Most of all, it teaches children to love the game of cricket.

For your fee, your child will receive some great cricket gear including;

  • A lightweight cricket bat
  • A soft rubber cricket ball
  • A T-Shirt
  • A sunsmart hat
  • MILO giveaways and more!

The program is very reliant on parental participation to assist the co-ordination and success of each session.

Registrations for Milo in2CRICKET at Canterbury Cricket Club are open and you can register your child here.

The emphasis of the MILO in2CRICKET program is on fun and involvement. The program is designed to give boys and girls a chance to take part in a variety of activities to develop their cricket skills, physical fitness and social skills, sportsmanship and an understanding of the game.

At Canterbury Cricket Club the in2CRICKET programs are run by a trained volunteer Coordinators and are held on Saturday mornings at the Canterbury Sports Ground in Guildford Rd. A
BBQ is offered after each training session at the ground.