Outdoor Training Standards/Guidelines


Empashis on improving training standards which will lead to improving performance during matches

No players should be standing around. if you are a player on the training arena you are DOING SOMETHING or else will be asked to get off the trianing area or see Dave Power or Grant McCarthy.

Bowlers not to stand around - Plenty of voice and encouragement during training to create a positive environment for everyone.

Sessions only need to run for 1.5 hours if we train to the conrrect standards, with INTENSITY, EFFORT & PURPOSE

Session Times


5.30pm-5.45pm Set up nets
5.45pm-6.00pm Warm up - it is important for all players to undertake a warm up of at least 10 minutes
6.00pm-7.15pm Main net session
7.15pm-7.35pm Group fielding,catching or fielding activities



6 minute batting session in nets (depending on numbers)
Focus on batting like it was the start of your innings - PURPOSE
Work hard at getting yourself in and not giving your wicket away - INTENSITY & PURPOSE
Look to push singles to take pressure off scoring (if batting in pairs, push singles to turn strike over - INTENSITY & PURPOSE
When batsman have finished batting do the run throughs in centre of oval then complete 100 catches (minimum) each - EFFORT
Batsmen should work in pairs with another batsmen once their batting time is finished. Work on doing extras i.e. throw downs. Or alternatively speak with Dave Power to do throw downs with him if wanting to work on technique issues. - EFFORT & PURPOSE
If no room to do throw downs in nets, work on the ground (Area for throw downs will be set up). If extra batting practice has been completed and you aren't required to bowl, work in a pair or three to do fielding (E.g. short catches) - EFFORT & PURPOSE


3-4 maximum bowlers - INTENSITY
5 over spell for bowlers (spell to be at full EFFORT & INTENSITY)
See Dave or Grant when completed spell and be prepared for a second spell later in the session
Bowlers in the nets should work as a team as you would in a game, build pressure - INTENSITY & PURPOSE
Bowlers in the nets should work as a team as you would in a game, build pressure - INTENSITY & PURPOSE
Create a hostile environment for batsman, give them nothing - INTENSITY
Work on whats required for a game (bowl in areas, full length just outside off stump) - PURPOSE
Don't give width or bowl down leg side (10 push up punishment) - EFFORT AND PURPOSE


If not bowling, batting or doing extras, then fielding practice to be undertaken
Work in pairs with a maximum of three allowed
Plenty of catches for touch and hand eye coordination - can be short and sharp (minimum 100 each) - INTENSITY
Try to simulate catching if you are in a specific position (i.e. slips catching on orange plastic ramps) - PURPOSE
Throwing at stumps with a partner 30 metres either side
Ground balls short and long
Group fielding with longer catches and throwing will be done at the conslusion of training. The emphasis on dielfing in pairs is to maxiumise amount of touche or repetivition of fielding activities, but must be done with EFFORT, INTENSITY & PURPOSE


Communicate unavailability (both training and upcoming games) with your captain, Dave Power or John Kent
If unavailable for an upcoming game, please communicate this by the Tuesday before that game

Player Review

Each player is to arrnage for a review with Dave Power and Grant McCarthy. The review is to set out structures

Training Attire

Club shorts / navy blue shorts / tracksuir bottoms
Club cricket shirt / club practice shirt or white coloured top
Club cricket vest or white cricket vest
Club cap