Veterans Mission Statement


 “ To develop, support and co-ordinate Over 40’s cricket throughout the 

    Eastern Region, through the provision of a Veterans competition

    utilising the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association and 

    Eastern Cricket Association Club infra-structure.“






The very word “Cricket” has lent itself to the English language as a term to incorporate all that is fair and honest in sport as well as life. For something to be seen as “not cricket”, implies circumstances outside the spirit, values or traditions of normal fair play.


In keeping with these traditions, the Ethos of Veterans Cricket demands that;


We will not place winning before enjoyment;

We respect our opponents, team mates and supporters at all times;

We always play within the laws, spirit and values of the sport of cricket;

We provide a hospitable and friendly environment for our guests;

We acknowledge that health and well being are of paramount importance;

We will display the maturity and leadership that befits our status as elder   

       statesmen of our great sport:







 RULES 2005-06


1.    All participating clubs must have a current affiliation with either the Eastern Cricket Association (ECA) or the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association (BHRDCA).


2.    Players must be registered on the approved forms and have reached 40 years of age. To support the expansion of the competition, each new team will be entitled to play 1 player in the 38-39 age group in their first year in the competition. (note this player must not still play regular Saturday cricket).


     The Veterans committee will have the final ruling on a players eligibility.


2.   A player may play with their veteran team of choice irrespective of their senior club affiliation.


3.   Excess players may be loaned to your opposition on the day of match by agreement between Captains.


4.   New Player Registrations may be sent in with the Match Result Sheet.


5.   Match Result Sheets are to be forwarded by C.o.B. Monday following the match by winning team  . (Fax 8792 8388)


6.   Players may wear coloured shirts, shorts or pants where they form the basis of a common club uniform (ie where all players are like attired), in all other cases white attire shall be worn Footwear, may include coloured stripes.


7.   Play to commence at 1.00pm. A 15 min. delay may be taken at the agreement of the Captains.


8.   A maximum of 36 overs shall be bowled by either team.


9.   The maximum number of balls allowed per over for overs 1 to 34 shall be 10 irrespective of the number of legal balls bowled. The final two over (overs 35 & 36) shall continue until 6 legal balls have been delivered.


10. Each team shall be entitled to bat for 36 overs unless previously dismissed.


11. Afternoon tea shall be taken after 36 overs or following the dismissal of a team in less than 36 overs for a period of 20 minutes. The Home team is to provide afternoon tea.


12. Bowlers are restricted to a maximum six (6) overs with a minimum eight (8) players bowling at least one (1) over each.


13. Batsmen must retire following the ball on which they reach their 40th run and may not bat again in the innings.


13a Where one of the batsmen in the final pairing reach’s the 40 run retirement target, he will continue to face up as normal, however runs from the bat and leg byes that ensue whilst he is facing will not be added to his or his sides score (Note: all byes, no-balls and wides that ensue while he is facing will be added to his teams score). The innings will be deemed closed where either batsman is dismissed or the 36 over limit is reached.


14. If more than 15 minutes is lost due to inclement weather during either innings and no decision has been reached by 5.45pm. the game shall be drawn unless by mutual consent by the Captains.


15. Where Captains agree to a rematch, agreement on the date of the reply must be reached with 5 days of  the original match date. Replays must be played before completion of another 2 rounds. (Exemption: Round 6 (played prior to Round 7) & Round 7 (no replay ).


16. Match points shall be 2 points a win, 1 point a draw. In the event of a tie for finals participation, Teams will be separated by run rate (ie. Total Runs scored divided by Total Balls Faced).


17  To qualify for a finals game, the player must have played in three (3) matches during the Home & Away series in which his team participated. A player may only qualify for 1 team.

18  Clubs who have more than 1 team in the competition, may alternate players between grades, however no player shall play more than 2 games in more than 1 grade in any one season.


19. Each team must provide 2 umpires during their batting innings. It is a requirement that players sent out to umpire must be experienced in cricket law as far as is possible.


20. A Team may play 13 players with only 11 allowed to bat and up to 10 players allowed to bowl.


21. Hot weather. In the case of extreme weather both Captains have the option to reduce games to 24 overs with subsequent reduction of maximum overs (4) for bowlers and retirement at 30 runs for batsmen.


22.  The side batting second must complete their 36 overs (24 in hot weather conditions), except where both captains unanimously agree to terminate the match if an early result has been achieved.


23. A two-piece ball only may be used.


24. Where a turf match has been scheduled and the pitch is unplayable, all efforts must be made to play on an all weather pitch including the opposition pitch if available.




1.      Each team shall have in their possession a properly stocked first aid kit

2.      Where a player suffers an injury during the game which causes bleeding, then the umpire or team captain or manager must ask the player to leave the field until appropriate first aid has been administered to prevent further bleeding.

3.      The player cannot resume playing until the bleeding has stopped or the wound has been securely covered.

4.      A batsman who is injured is deemed to have temporarily retired and may return on the fall of the next wicket as per 3 above.

5.      If the batsman injured is the last wicket, a small break of up to 10 minutes shall be taken and the batsman resume at that time. If the bleeding cannot be stemmed in this period then the batsman shall be ruled “”Retired Hurt”” and the innings closed.

6.      There shall be no reduction in the number of overs to be bowled due to injury.

7.      Where an umpire is injured, clause 2 and 3 above shall equally apply. The batting side will provide a temporary umpire to allow the game to continue until the umpire is able to resume.




In the event of a thunderstorm and lightning, play shall cease immediately and all players and umpires shall retire to safe shelter without delay.




We are a social competition wherein our primary objective is the enjoyment and health considerations of our players. There may eventuate situations from time to time, where the strict adherence to the above rules disadvantage one or both teams. In these situations the rules shall be considered guidelines and  may be waived/amended by a “Common Sense Agreement” by both participating captains in the spirit of cricket.